Transportation A La India



Something interesting about Tamil Nadu is the infamous Indian traffic and road rogues. From our first journey to the training house – the buses – Tuk tuks I can safely say that Indian traffic is not for the faint hearted.

But there’s something kind of beautiful about it. Cattle, rickshaws, mopeds, huge vans, and people swarming about the road like there are no rules. Colours popping out of the dust, often way too close for comfort, and lanes are to be laughed at.

Horn heavy drivers substitute indicators for deafening horns and practice the art of heart stopping proximity, to the extent that a stray finger out of the window is at risk.

And what about Tamil’s drivers? Just today we saw two 14odd year old girls on a moped and our bus driver stopped on a corner to take a cigarette break. Bus drivers also stopped to pick up a cabin full of shopping whilst two parallel moped drivers took up a conversation on the highway.
Perhaps we could say this is chaos! Wrong! Dangerous?
Obviously there are huge risks, of course, but dodging bulls every few yards, avoid darting mopeds (sometimes on the wrong side of the street), and pulling out on a crossroad without being crushed… That’s skill.

I leave this post without any particular judgement. I think I’m still processing what I’ve observed.

So here are two guys on a bike who really wanted a picture taken. Happy Saturday!