Neo-Liberalism Died in it’s Sleep. It Fell Prey to it’s Vice, Terror

The Neo-Liberal Dream particularly captured people as the Berlin Wall fell. It was the end of the ‘bogeyman’ Communism and in response to the 45 years of global heart palpitations (that was the Cold War), people were convinced that the world would be different. We would be peaceful.

But Alas, people forget! And even so, in the pursuit of one dream, attention to detail flies out the door. One detail forgotten was that through ousting the Soviet Union from Afghanistan (through arming ruthless rebels), the US conceived a monster: Al – Qaeda. And, then there grew a headless serpent of angry, aimless, and armed mercenaries, acting as black holes to civilisation.

Nevertheless, we continued down our comfortable path of hyper capitalism, infused with a spirit of liberal values with the hope that perhaps this system would be the meritocratic answer to all conflict. A more centric pattern of politics emerged, seeming to be quite tame, at least on the surface.

But, it must end. People forget, no system works, and we get complacent too. Like every other in history, this hegemony cannot last.

Populism is rising, and because community cohesion discussions have taken a back seat in our counter-terrorism narrative, hate politics has become more and more popular. We are seeing more and more of these divisive attitudes succeed. We are seeing figureheads of hate occupy governments or get very close. All in the name of security, or in the promotion of a specific demographic.

Even when radical ideas don’t succeed they leave a scourge on society. Power over people doesn’t need to be disseminated institutionally, it’s viral. This ideological warfare is played out through social power. What a fantastic tool the internet is in the right hands and a frightful weapon in the wrong ones.

This force is pedalled underground and that is a problem. If alternative views are stamped on, they will grow in a horrifically disfigured way. We need more open discussion in order to understand what’s happening.



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